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Our Austin SEO Experts focus three primary principles of Search Engine Optimization

Technicial SEO

Auditing your site to identify potential problems that hold it back from ranking

On-Page SEO

Structure, structure, structure. We analyze your website structure site make up so you can rank for multiple keywords, not just a few

Off-Page SEO

Backlinks and referral traffic are king. We identify the most relevant opportunities to get your site exposure

Technical SEO

Technical SEO requires in depth knowledge and serious SEO knowledge to perform correctly. We look for:

  • Website Architecture
  • URL Analysis
  • SEO Equity Review
  • Google Search Console Audit
  • Backlink Audit

Find-ability Checks

Refers to how easy it is for website information to be found by both search engines and website visitors. We look at the following:

  • Index status
  • Website site speed
  • Robot.txt check
  • Use of meta robots
  • Page 40x errors
  • Page 50x errors
  • Sitemap check
  • Custom 404 pages
  • Subdomain checks
Find-ability Issues

On Page SEO

Structure done correctly to optimize your rankings

  • Website structure
  • Schema
  • Page Structure
  • Copy Structure

Website Structure

We look audit a client’s website structure to see what holes are missing that might prevent the site from ranking. We look at the following:

  • Organizational silos
  • Link silos
  • Category structure
  • Internal link structure
  • Http to Https conversions
SEO Site Structure

Off Page SEO

The most critical part of the search engine ranking formula handled at a world class level

  • Real SEO Outreach
  • White Hat Linkbuilding
  • Brand Mentions
  • Local PR

SEO Outreach

We have client domain based outreach avatar accounts created so we pitch on behalf of your business:

SEO Outreach

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