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Our Austin SEO Firm performs a number of digital marketing services. Our 4 step process is engineered to drive targeted traffic to your business. We have been marketing for years and learned from some of the best in the industry. We know what works, what is myth, and how to strategically develop custom campaigns for our clients. 

SEO Services

Our Internet Marketing Campaign Process

  • Discovery
  • Go Time!
  • Monitoring & Results

Foundational work is required before we kick off a campaign. We look into the following:

  • Due Diligence Process – We learn everything about your business to become your advocate
  • Technical Audit – We look into your website and look for risks, improvements, and take base lines
  • Completeness – No further work is performed until audit and foundation work is complete
  • Competitive analysis – We use top tier tools like SEM Rush, Ahrefs, and Buzzsumo to review your competitive landscape and quickly identify what is working and what is not.

We focus on these 6 major digital marketing services

This is the foundation of our services. We look at the technical side of your website and perform a comprehensive audit to find any issues. We then go in and correct these foundational issues. Our audit looks for crawl errors, proper canonical structure, site speed, and webpage errors. We also do a review of the site’s on-site SEO and look for proper meta tags, geo-coding, alt text descriptions, and internal linking structure.

Content Writing

The main issue that many clients run into with link building is that the best links and link techniques are focused on content creation and promotion. Elite quality content takes hours to complete and may require the services of a full-time in-house writer. We utilize our network of elite writers to create targeted content that we can then use to outreach to top sites and bring traffic and leads to your site. Our content creation service is far less than it would be to hire a full-time writer and saves you tons of time having to write articles yourself.

We only perform 100% manual white hat link building to our client’s websites. We also only use the best in practice techniques which would include content marketing, resource page outreach, niche blog outreach, guest posting, broken link building, brand mentions, press outreach, competitive back link building, and skyscraper content creation & outreach. Our link building ensures that you will have a clean link profile that is compliant with the latest search algorithm updates.

With local SEO campaigns, focus on the local awareness factors. We check all your citations and we review your competition to see what we need to build so that you have a competitive profile to rank. We also check for NAP consistency among your citations and also implement localized schema mark-up. Our link building efforts are also niche and local related to provide maximum exposure for your business.

Youtube SEO

Ranking through blog content is effective, but what can really take your business to the next level is video marketing and YouTube SEO. We are specialized in YouTube SEO and can get your videos ranked to the top of search results quickly using outreach and link building techniques. If you have the videos or need them created, we can get them ranked! Video results will typical be watch over text 60% of the time. Your blog content can get a huge boost by embedding videos, making you dominate not only text search, but video search results as well!

Pay Per Click

We manage pay per click through social media dynamic re-targeting and targeted ads. We look at visitors, look-a-like audiences and also target keywords through social media mentions. If you have video content, we can take up your pay per click to the next level with targeted YouTube advertising.

This is but an overview of our services. We are always happy to discuss the details in person with our clients. We dislike agencies that leave you in the dark as to what they are doing. We are 100% transparent with our clients.

Our Clients Love The Results We Produce


Velvet Cloud work on my HVAC business redesigning its website, marketing our YouTube videos, and creted incredible content. He's given me more leads then I can handle at the moment and that's a good thing!


Velvet Cloud saved us from a horrible experience with an off-shore SEO company that loaded our website profile with tons of junk links. They cleared out all the spammy links and brought strong ones from the markets we were targeting and got us ranking on the first page for various keywords that got us a bunch of on-line sales. He has a client for life now.


What a great Austin SEO Company. Mark's team values quality outreach to build long-standing and traffic generating results. We have relied on Mark's lead engine for the vast majority of our leads and press coverage. They have been simply amazing. If you are looking for an Austin SEO Expert, Mark is the man!

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