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If you live in Austin, TX you know that the business market, no matter what that business may be, is a very competitive one. This always leaves the question of “how do I make my company stand out above the crowd on the Internet”? Five years ago the answer may have been to have an incredible website that promotes your business online. Unfortunately, that is not enough anymore. Today, if you want your company to shine you have to take advantage of the best Austin SEO services on the market. Austin SEO agency Velvet Cloud delivers the industry best Search Engine Optimization services throughout Austin and its surrounding areas.

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For most people, SEO (search engine optimization) is a foreign language. SEO is basically your Austin company’s fast train to getting customers to your main website. SEO increases the volume of visitors by ranking your website high on the search result pages. Still lost? As a company owner in Austin, Texas, when a customer searches the internet for your business, do you want to pop up on Google, Yahoo, or Bing as number 37 on page 6 where nobody will ever see you or do you want to be one of the top 3 on page 1? We all know what the answer is, so with that being said, working with the best Austin SEO agency is extremely important. Most of us are not even in the realm of understanding how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works let alone being able to tackle it ourselves. This means hiring a Austin SEO company to do it for you.

Austin SEO Expert: Drive More Google Traffic

Before you go out and decide to hire someone in the Austin area to do your company’s SEO and online marketing campaigns, there are a few things to remember.

  1. A good Austin SEO firm can increase your business revenue by tens of thousands of dollars per month while a bad SEO service and Internet Marketing Service can cripple your business for a considerable amount of time. You will never know the expensive cost of hiring an amateur until you do!

  2. If what the marketing agency is telling you is too good to be true, it probably is! SEO and Austin Local SEO takes time and work! If someone promises you results overnight, run the other way as fast as possible!

  3. A High Quality Austin SEO Agency IS NOT CHEAP! That being said, the higher the price does not always mean the better the service

  4. Do your homework. Learn what you can about the basics so you are not just taking someone else’s word about it. Education is power and a true SEO company seeks to educate and empower their clients!

  5. Ask for references or case studies. Most agencies will not disclosure too much information about their clients, but they should at least give you something.

  6. Commit to at least six month of internet marketing services. If the agency you hire is doing their job they should be able to show you progress by then.

  7. Once you hit the first page of search, that does not mean you will stay there forever. Don’t just fire your Austin SEO company once you reach the top! The internet and search algorithms are forever changing and you will need them if you want to stay on top.

These are a few tips to help you find the right Austin SEO for you. If SEO is done right, your company will enjoy growth that you never imagined possible. So sit back and enjoy the ride!

SEO Austin: Dominate Austin, TX

The concept behind Austin SEO is pretty straightforward. excellent Austin Internet Marketing enables companies to be more effective in reaching their target market. Search Engine Optimization is one of the few forms of advertising where a company is able to direct their efforts purely to the people who are searching for their products or services and it has proven to be very effective. If a website fails to convince search engines that it is relevant or important to searchers, then it will not be coming up searches at all. A website that gains no exposure is a waste of money. With the prevalence of the internet in today’s society, many businesses are beginning to move away from traditional methods and look into different strategies. Local Austin SEO and SEO Austin has evolved to fit the mold for what businesses need in this technological era and is becoming the go-to source for all future advertising and marketing strategies.

Additional Austin Digital Marketing Services

In addition to SEO, we provide other services to compliment our efforts:

  • Content Creation
  • PPC Management – Facebook and YouTube Advertising
  • Adwords Consultant
  • Video Production Service – For Small businesses who need videos
Additional Digital Marketing Services


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SEO: Helping Your Website Appear in Google

One of the fundamental things when it comes to great Search Engine Optimization techniques is great content. When incorporating great content into your website structure, this encourages other websites and blogs to link back to your pages and tells Google that your website is interesting, authoritative, and relevant. A great SEO company will have the ability to outreach to movers and shakers local to you and in your niche to great your content shared. A website packed with great content will lead to great Search Engine success because Google’s main job is to place interesting, relevant websites in front of the user’s face when searching for a particular keyword.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of strageties and techiques incorporated into an online marketing campaign that ensures your website can be found online on search engine result pages or SERPs. When done properly, SEO will place your website on the first page of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing for keywords or phrases that are relevant to what services or products your website offers.

Unfortunately, the SEO Industry is very misunderstood by outsiders who do not have much working knowledge. It is very common for Local SEO Agencies and SEO firms to confuse prospective clients with technical SEO jargon when they ask an SEO related question. We focus on breaking down Digital Marketing and SEO into manageable concepts so you do not walk away with a headache or hatred for online marketing.

Austin Internet Marketing Services Explained

To make things simple, our SEO services are all about getting your company to show up on the first pages of search engine results. We are referring to paid advertisements, but the organic SEO listings that show when you search a desired keyword. If you are a company with a place of business, we also work on getting your map listing ranked in the top 3 for your local area. We also work on ranking key social properties like Yelp. Just think about occupying several spots of prime real estate on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. No imagine the amount of targeted leads and calls that will be driven to your business! This is why organic online SEO is so exciting at Velvet Cloud. We love to make our clients business growth and hear about how their phones are ringing and revenue is skyrocketing.


Businesses and individuals optimize their website for one main reason, to attract new business and visitors in order to get new customers or clients. In the age we are living in, if you do not have an online presence, you might as well not have a business. Ask yourself how much business you are losing currently because you are not being found online? Working with a local Austin SEO Company can change that. And because we are local to you, we have established many local connections here to help you rank your site and we are not afraid of meeting you in person! Don’t wait on your decision any longer. The time to hire the best SEO company in Austin Texas is now! Let’s make a lot of money together! What do you say?



More and more Austin based businesses are turning to local SEO companies. The reasons are obvious. There are many advantages of using the services of a local agency.

You Can Verify That the Agency Is Really In Austin, TX

If you search an SEO company through the Internet, you come across thousands of service providers from all over the world. It is difficult to verify them if they are not from your local area. You may think you are dealing with a Search Engine Optimization agency, but it may be a reseller or freelancer selling services from overseas (China, India, Russia, Pakistan, & More). You can avoid these issues when you deal with a local agency in Austin. You can verify our physical address, business registration, and other specific details. When you work with you, you are assured of dealing with a genuine, registered and licensed business entity.

We Know The Local Austin, TX Market

If you hire any SEO service provider from the internet, the person or agency may not have any idea about local Austin SEO trends. Google regularly updates its website ranking algorithms and is starting to give preference to local search terms. There are unique techniques that help local companies come first in the search results. We are expert SEO professionals who understand what works best for local businesses in Austin, TX and the surrounding area.

You Can Meet Our Austin SEO Experts in Person to Discuss Anything

While the Internet has made it easier to do business online, there are times when you will want to meet your service provider face to face. Being able to meet a local expert in business is a big advantage. You can stragetize, discuss, and develop plans related to your business in our office. While it is not necessary to meet us personally to get your campaign off the ground, we are always here to help you. We are always happy to discuss and very transparent. We deliver on the results that we promise.

Knowledge of Local Audience

We have successfully deliver Austin SEO services to multiple clients from different industries. This has not only given us a good understanding of the local consumer groups, but also has help us establish relationships with with local resources like bloggers, journalists, and personalities. This allows us to deliver targeted results and get you results faster. 

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