Local and Small Businesses

Austin SEO Consultant Velvet Cloud specializes in helping local and small businesses. We know the market is tough going against major companies and chain franchises so we have set out to help your business dominate search results so you have a leg up on the competition

The main benefit of our services is that it will help your business thrive. By increasing your rankings in search results, your website will drive more targeted traffic to increasing your leads and revenues.

Our SEO services are designed to provide a comprehensive solution. There are a lot of marketers out there that will sell you the world and it is easy to spot the fakes from the real deal. Here is how:

How To Spot A Fake Agency

They price their services cheap:

Real SEO and digital marketing services take a lot of time and real work. A low budget will either doom your campaign to failure or lead to poor quality services which could actually hurt your reputation and rankings if the agency uses shady marketing tactics.

They promise number one rankings:

A legitimate company would never make such a promise. However, a real firm will guarantee to implement the best methods and strategies that google looks for to rank sites.

They list their prices:

Every campaign is different and requires varying amount of work. A real expert will look at factors like keyword competition, competitor analysis, and your current website and authority before proposing a price. A real expert knows that the level of investment is based on a specific set of factors, including keyword research, competitor analysis, your current domain authority, etc. They base their price on these factors, not on some menu price.

They don’t keep you in the loop about how they run your campaign:

This is the biggest pet peeve we have with many SEO agencies. We are completely transparent and list out our link building campaigns live to you. You never have to work about what links you might be getting or be surprised at the end of the month.

Don't Risk Your Local or Small Business Reputation By Hiring Any Random Agency!

Many rely on outdated method, or even worse, they completely outsource their digital marketing campaigns.